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Pay as you Drive

Our new and exclusive insurance, putting you in
the driver’s seat!

Our Pay as you Drive policy puts you in control of your insurance costs, as you’re only required to pay for the miles you drive and a fixed-price parked-up charge – it’s as simple as that.

There’s no fuss – just great perks and the chance for you to save money on your car insurance.

As far as insurance goes, this is a pretty nifty product. Given the current climate, and the fact that many of us are using our cars less often, a ‘pay as you go’ insurance policy is a no-brainer – just think about how much you could save!

Of course, with this being a new product, we understand you’re likely to have a few questions. So we’ve answered our most Frequently Asked Questions below. Why not take a read and see how we can help!

How does Pay as You Drive work?

As the name suggests, Pay as You Drive is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ insurance policy, in which you only get charged monthly for the miles driven plus an upfront payment for your parked up charge. The parked up charge covers your vehicle for things like theft, fire and vandalism whilst the vehicle is parked up. You’ll then each month pay for the mileage driven at your quoted mileage rate.

When choosing Pay as You Drive, you will be sent a pocket-sized mileage tracker in the post. You’ll need to install the mileage tracker into your vehicle within 7 days of receiving it, so that we are able to track your mileage. Don’t worry, full instructions will be sent on how to install the mileage tracker.

How does this differ to a standard telematics (Black Box Policy)?

We won’t use data about how you drive to change your policy or premium. The mileage premium will solely be based on how far you travel, not how fast or how slow. This product is for all ages and drivers.

What data is collected by having a Pay as You Drive policy?

Upon installation and activation of the mileage tracker, we will collect the following information:

•   Your cars VIN number
•   Odometer reading
•   Your cars location and location history
•   The distance driven
•   The speed of your car
•   Any engine faults and warning lights
•   Cornering and braking
•   Fuel and battery level
•   Accident Data

Please remember, we will not increase your premium based on any reports of speeding, excessive acceleration etc. Although, we can use this data in the event of a claim where any dangerous or reckless driving is reported. We can also use the data to track your vehicle in the unfortunate event your vehicle is stolen. On top of this, our tracking mileage tracker has many secondary benefits for you to consider.

What are the perks of Pay as you Drive?

To put it simply, the less you drive, the less you pay! Pay as You Drive is not only great for saving your money, but it’s also great for the environment as you may feel encouraged to drive less and reduce your carbon footprint.

On top of this, our tracking device has many secondary benefits for you to consider.

For example, as well as recording your mileage the device has other built in elements, such as:

Theft tracker - so, if your vehicle is stolen, you will be able to track your car to its precise location.
Battery checker - to help you monitor your battery levels.
Engine Faults and warning lights - any warning lights or engine management faults will be detected, any faults will be displayed on your customer portal.

Don't worry it isn't a black box and doesn't track and record the quality of your driving.

Can I drive before my mileage tracker has been delivered?

Yes you can. We will allow you 7 days for the mileage tracker to be installed, rest assured you will still be insured during this period. Due to no mileage data being recorded until the mileage tracker has been installed, we will use the average daily mileage driven throughout the rest of the month to calculate the miles driven while the mileage tracker was not installed.

How do I make a change to my policy?

To discuss making a change to your policy please use our live chat service and speak to one of our friendly agents, available by logging in via the customer portal.

Is Pay as you Drive fully comprehensive?

Yes, Pay as you Drive is a fully comprehensive policy and it includes lots of great benefits and features, like free breakdown membership, free motor legal advice, a courtesy vehicle, windscreen cover plus more.

Why do I pay an upfront payment?

The payment you make upfront is covering your parked up cost for the full year. The parked up charge provides you full comprehensive cover while your vehicle is parked up. You will next make a payment each month to cover your mileage fees.

Can I pay annually?

No, as you’re on a Pay as you Drive policy you only need pay us for the total miles driven each month. Not an approximate annual mileage useage you orginally supplied.

What payment methods can I use?

Your payment will be collected using the card details provided by yourself and will be collected by a repeat monthly card payment we will automatically take. The payment will be taken 30 days after the start date of the policy then on or around that date each month. You can choose to pay via credit or debit card. We also accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

How do I install the mileage tracker?

The On-board diagnostics (OBD) mileage tracker will be posted out following the purchase of your policy. It’s very straightforward and easy to install, it simply slots into your vehicles’ on board diagnostics (OBD) port and it’s ready to go. Rest assured, full instructions are provided with the delivery of the mileage tracker.

What if my mileage tracker stops working?

If, for some reason, your tracker stops working, please unplug the mileage tracker, after 30 minutes plug the mileage tracker back. Take the vehicle on a short drive. This should reboot the mileage tracker. Any further issues please contact our live chat team.

Can I cancel my Pay as you Drive policy?

Yes, you can. Cancellation fees will be applied. The cancellation of your insurance is calculated using the time on risk which is provided by the insurer, this includes the number of days used and may include an insurers administration charge applicable by themselves, any broker charges, cancellation fees, and value added products are charged in full out of the 14 day cooling off period, we will then take in to account how much you have paid towards the insurance and how much is either owed to One Call Insurance or how much we would owe you. Please note this cancellation is based on no claims being made within the policy term, if a claim is outstanding or settled as a fault claim then the insurance premium will be owed in full. Additionally the OBD Mileage tracker needs to be returned to avoid a £35.00 fee

How long do I have to install the mileage tracker?

You must install the mileage tracker within 7 days of the policy inception date. We appreciate the mileage tracker may take a few days to be received so during this time you’re still fully insured.

When do you start tracking my mileage?

We will starting tracking the mileage as soon as the mileage tracker has been installed. We will allow you 7 days for the mileage tracker to be installed, rest assured you will still be insured during this period. Due to no mileage data being recorded until the mileage tracker has been installed, we will use the average daily mileage driven throughout the rest of the month to calculate the miles driven while the mileage tracker was not installed.

Do I need to pay for my mileage tracker?

No, you do not need to pay for your mileage tracker, however in the event you cancel your insurance policy you must returned the mileage tracker to Trakm8 via the below address. Failure will result in a £35.00 fee being applied.

4 Roman Park, Roman Way, Coleshill B46 1HG

What if I need to make a claim?

If you’re involved in an accident or your vehicle is damaged, stolen or vandalised you will need to call our Claims department on 0203 738 7300.

It is important that you report all incidents within 24 hours – even if you do not wish to claim. It is important that you log this with us, as failure to report a claim may cause difficulties at a later date.

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