Charity Fundraising

At One Call Insurance, we’re committed to supporting charitable causes that make a real difference to people’s lives, whether in our local community, nationally or internationally.

Over the years we’ve supported a whole host of local charities, Fire Fly and Blue Bell Wood, but most notably, Eves Merton's Dreams Trust, who have been our official charity partner for four consecutive years (2014 – 2017).

Our 2019 charity is Macmillan!

How does One Call Insurance raise money for charity?

An annual calendar of themed staff events lies behind our continued fundraising success. There's everything from a Valentine's Day cake sale, an annual Easter egg hunt and patriotic St Georges Day celebrations to "I'm a Manager, Get Me Out of Here", Man VS Food and Christmas Jumper Day.

Previous Years

Over the years we’ve raised ever increasing sums of money for our partner charities, making a real difference to people’s lives within our communities.

2019 (to date)
£40, 881.28

£48, 271.55