Charity Fundraising

At One Call Insurance, we’re committed to supporting charitable causes that make a real difference to people’s lives, whether in our local community, nationally or internationally.

Over the years we’ve supported a whole host of local charities, Fire Fly and Blue Bell Wood, but most notably, Eves Merton's Dreams Trust, who have been our official charity partner for four consecutive years (2014 – 2017).

Our 2019 charity will be announced shortly!

How does One Call Insurance raise money for charity?

An annual calendar of themed staff events lies behind our continued fundraising success. There's everything from a Valentine's Day cake sale, an annual Easter egg hunt and patriotic St Georges Day celebrations to "I'm a Manager, Get Me Out of Here", Man VS Food and Christmas Jumper Day.

Previous Years

Over the years we’ve raised ever increasing sums of money for our partner charities, making a real difference to people’s lives within our communities.

2019 (to date)
£28, 330.51

£48, 271.55