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Charity and fundraising

Our vision is to ‘make a meaningful and financial difference to organisations within our local community.’

Here at One Call Insurance, we’re committed to supporting charitable causes that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives – particularly in our local community.

As a large employer based in Doncaster, we understand the importance of giving something back to our hometown and surrounding areas – this is ingrained within our company culture.

Who have we supported?

Our partnered charities

Over the years, we’ve supported a whole host of local charities including Firefly, Blue Bell Wood and Eves Merton’s Dreams Trust.

Most recently, for three years running, we’ve supported Macmillan Cancer Support.

Whilst Macmillan is a nationally recognised charity, we wanted to make sure that our funding helps people living with cancer within the region.

We’re incredibly proud to say that our work for Macmillan has funded an information support hub at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, as well as two support workers – one for breast cancer and one for bowel cancer.

The services provide support to people living with cancer and provides further support to affected friends and family members in times of need.

Community outreach projects

In addition to the above, we support lots of community outreach projects throughout the year – such as Bawtry Christmas Market and Tickhill’s T Fest.

There’s nothing we love more than instilling a sense of joy and togetherness in the community – it’s one of the most rewarding things we do. Our main reason for this is to help ensure popular community events can continue to feature on the Doncaster calendar without financial burden.

Here’s a list of the charities we’ve supported over the past 5 years.
  • Donmentia
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Sheffield Children’s Hospital
  • Eve Trust Charity
  • Scotty Hero’s
  • Mind
  • South Yorkshire Guide Dogs
  • Autism: East Midlands
  • Firefly
Plus, we've supported various community outreach projects too, like:
  • Bawtry Christmas event
  • Tickhill’s T-Fest
  • Eve Merton’s: Charity Legends Football
  • Fireworks
  • Fishing trips

How much have we raised?

Over the past 5 years we’ve raised a total of £242,996.77 for worthwhile causes.

We’ve absolutely loved our involvement and we’re incredibly proud of what our team has been able to achieve.

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