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Bicycle Insurance

We all want cheap bicycle insurance, try us today and see how much money you could save on your bike insurance.

Benefits of our bicycle insurance policies

  •  Multi-bike policies
  •  Public Liability up to £5m
  •  Racing and event cover
  •  New for old replacement
  •  Personal accident cover
  •  Accessory cover

Why do I need Bicycle Insurance?

While a lot of home insurance policies will cover you for theft of contents, simply put your home policy may not be adequate enough to cover a bicycle claim. Some home insurance won’t cover you for theft or damage away from the home, leaving you unable to claim if you are involved on an incident on the road. If you are able to claim, it is likely you will have an excess to pay that may not make it worth claiming, and any claim has the possibility of causing an increase to your future home policy premiums.

Bicycles can be a pricey investment, and regardless of whether you use your bike for weekday commuting, evening exercise or weekend breaks, accidents can occur at any time, potentially leaving you injured, without a bike, and at a financial loss. As such, it is important to have to right level of insurance in place, so you know you’re covered in the event something does happen.

This is why we have teamed up with Quotezone, to give you a quick, simple and easy way to compare Bicycle insurance quotes. The quotes provided are straightforward and easy to understand, and offer you the flexibility of selecting the right policy to suit your needs.

One Call Insurance introduces business to Quotezone. When you take out a policy through Quotezone, we will receive a commission for the introduction to them. This could be a percentage of the premium or a fixed fee depending on the cover taken. If you have any issues with the cover you have purchased via Quotezone please contact them or the provider directly.

Features and benefits of bicycle insurance

There’s a whole host of features and benefits* included when you compare and buy bicycle insurance through Quotezone:

Theft and Accidental Damage

Ensure you’re covered in the event of an accident or theft of your bike, even if away from the home. If your bike is stolen, or damaged or destroyed in an accident, your insurance policy will cover you for the cost of the repairs or a replacement bike.

Public Liability

Unfortunately, mistakes and accidents do happen, even when riding a bicycle. In the event a claim is made against yourself, be it from a pedestrian, motorist or another cyclist, you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re protected by public liability cover.

Personal Accident Cover

Being involved in an accident always comes with the possibility of becoming injured yourself, which can result in a potential loss of work and ongoing health issues. With personal accident cover included in your cycle policy, you would receive a fixed sum should you become seriously injured while riding your bike.

European and Worldwide Cover

A lot can go wrong while riding your bike, and this holds true no matter where in the world you are. Should your call to adventure take you outside of the UK, be it to the French Alps, American plains and beyond, you are safe in the knowledge you’re fully protected no matter where you are.

*Features, benefits and level of cover will vary by insurer. It’s therefore important to read an insurers policy booklet and terms in full before you buy bicycle insurance to ensure it meets your needs.

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