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Buildings and Contents Insurance

We all want cheap buildings and contents insurance, try us today and see how much money you could save on your buildings and contents insurance.

Benefits of our Buildings and Contents insurance policies

  •  FREE Home Emergency Cover
  •  FREE Family Legal Cover
  •  New For Old Replacement
  •  24 Hour Claims Service

Getting you our best buildings and contents insurance quotes

One Call Insurance acts as a comparison site at new business and will compare prices from our own panel of insurers which offers a fair analysis of the market, and that of Quotezone.co.uk. If we can't provide you with the best quotation then we will show you the best available elsewhere!

If you choose an alternative to One Call then you will be transferred away from our website. We offer a non-advised service to our consumers which just means we cannot provide a recommendation, however we will provide you with enough information to be able to make an informed decision

Losing your home and contents to fire, flood or any other equally disastrous event is bad enough, but finding out you haven’t got insurance, or only have partial cover, would be devastating. With this in mind, ensuring you fully protect your building and contents against known risks should be a top priority.

That’s where combined buildings and contents insurance policies come in. Taking the two main elements of cover that fall under home insurance and bringing them together in a single policy, it gives you the highest level of cover available with a single point of contact, a single payment, and a single renewal.

It ensures both the bricks and mortar construction of your home and the contents stored within it are covered. For example, you can claim if damage occurs to your roof, walls, windows, doors, plumbing and more. Meanwhile, you can claim if your furniture, clothes, pots and pans, electrical appliances and more are stolen or damaged.

When it comes down to finding the right buildings and contents insurance policy, there’s a seemingly endless list of insurers to choose from. At One Call Insurance, you can quickly and easily compare them, ensuring you get the most appropriate cover at our best price.

Buildings and Contents Insurance policy features

There’s a great selection of features and benefits included as standard when you buy buildings and contents insurance from One Call Insurance:

Free Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Cover comes as standard on our buildings and contents policies. So, regardless of the insurer, you’ll have 24/7 emergency cover for things like heating failure, plumbing and drainage issues as well issues relating to the security of your home.

Free Family Legal Cover

Family Legal Cover is included on all buildings and contents insurance policies that are purchased via One Call Insurance. It grants you access to a 24 hour helpline in case you need to obtain free legal advice in relation to accident that has occurred at home, away from home or while at work. It also includes a solicitor referral service.

New for Old Replacement

Our buildings and contents insurance policies come with guaranteed new for old replacement. This means, for example, if your TV is stolen in a burglary, you'll either be given a brand new replacement or receive a pay-out based on the cost of a brand new replacement.

24 Hour Claims Service

Our 24 hour claims management service ensures you get the assistance you need, when you need it most. After all, disasters can occur at a time of day and night. Not only does this service enable you to report a claim as soon as the need arises, it also speeds up the process of us reviewing and making a decision on your claim.

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