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Black Box Car Insurance

We all want cheap car insurance, try us today and see how much money you could save on your black box car insurance.

Benefits of our Black box car insurance policies

  •  Earn Discounts For ‘Good’ Driving
  •  Ideal For New & Young Drivers
  •  FREE Breakdown Membership
  •  FREE Motor Legal Cover
  •  Hire Car
  •  Flexible Deposit & Excess
  •  UK Call centres
  •  24 Hour Claims team
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Terms & Conditions apply: Discount code can only be used on new business policies bought direct on our website or direct via our call centre. Must have one other live policy (that is not pending cancellation) with no overdue balance owing. Discount can be applied to multiple policies. Discount will be removed at renewal. Discount only valid on car, home, van and motorcycle policies.

Getting you cheap Black box car insurance quotes

One Call Insurance acts as a comparison site at new business and will compare prices from our own panel of insurers which offers a fair analysis of the market, and that of If we can't provide you with the best quotation then we will show you the best available elsewhere!

If you choose an alternative to One Call then you will be transferred away from our website. We offer a non-advised service to our consumers which just means we cannot provide a recommendation, however we will provide you with enough information to be able to make an informed decision

Black box car insurance gives you the opportunity to prove yourself as a "good" driver in return for a lower insurance premium. It's ideal if you're a young driver, you've just passed your test or you have fault claims/driving convictions in your name and are struggling to find an affordable car insurance policy.

Through the installation of a black box (some insurers use a smartphone App instead); your insurer collects data on how and when you drive your car and subsequently uses it to determine if you are a "good" driver or a "bad driver". The first of these may result in a reduced premium or a discount at renewal. However, the latter may result in a higher premium or in worst case scenarios - policy cancellation.

At One Call Insurance, we enable you to quickly and easily compare black box car insurance policies from many of the UK's leading insurers. Our aim is to assist you throughout the process, ensuring you find the right cover at the best price, whilst eliminating the hassle that's usually associated with comparing quotes.

Features and benefits of Black box car insurance policies

When you compare and buy Black box car insurance via One Call Direct, you will receive the following features and benefits as standard:

Fully comprehensive cover

All our black box insurance policies come with comprehensive cover as standard, ensuring you're covered against the risk of non-fault and at-fault accident claims as well as fire and theft claims.

Free Breakdown Membership

All our black box insurance policies come with free basic breakdown cover, with the option to upgrade to an advanced level of cover for those who need it. With a standalone value of £39, it not only saves you money, but also eliminates the hassle of having to manage two separate payments, two companies and two renewals.

Free Motor Legal Cover

Free Motor Legal Cover is included as standard when you compare and buy black box insurance from One Call Insurance. It covers you for the cost of legal advice following an accident and gives you access to a 24/7 helpline.

24/7 Claims team

As a black box car insurance customer, you will have access to our 24/7 claims line. Enabling you to get the assistance you need, when you need it, and regardless of the time of day, it also helps us to begin processing your claim immediately following an incident.

Further information...

The black box is slightly bigger in size than a pack of cards and is usually connected to your car's ECU (on-board computer system) via the OBD-II port (standard in most cars from 1996 onwards). Meanwhile, some insurers wire the box in directly, thus bypassing the OBD-11 port altogether.

The box itself rests under the dashboard or in the glove box. Either way it's concealed from view and won't impact the use or functionality of your car in any way. Fitting is usually completed with 30 minutes.

The black box used by car insurance companies is similar in nature to the black boxes used in aeroplanes, albeit not quite as sophisticated and not equipped to capture sound and vision.

The box connects to your car's ECU (on-board computer system), which enables it to capture information relating to how you drive your car and when you drive it. Also, the box is GPS equipped which enables it to capture and add in location data. Meanwhile, a wireless data connection is used to automatically relay the lot back to your insurance company in near real-time.

Car insurers use the black box to collect and analyse a combination of different data points in order to determine whether you are a ‘good’ driver or a ‘bad’ driver. These data points include things like:

  • Braking (sharp braking can be seen as a sign of aggressive driving)
  • Cornering (taking corners at speed, accelerating aggressively around corners or failing to slow for corners can be seen as a sign of aggressive driving)
  • Speed (continuously exceeding speed limits increases the risk posed by you to other road users)
  • Time (night time driving is considered more dangerous than daytime driving, especially for new or younger drivers)
  • Mileage (drivers who clock up few miles tend to get lower premiums)
  • Location (frequently travelling to new place could make you a higher risk as you'll be unfamiliar with the route)
  • G-force (detects when a collision might have occurred)

Yes, your car insurance policy and its associated cover will commence from the date specified when you purchase it, even if the black box hasn't yet been fitted. However, this doesn't mean that you can simply avoid having one fitted as failure to allow the insurer's approved installer access to fit the box will likely result in your policy being cancelled.

Rather than installing a physical Black box and having to foot the associated hardware, fitting and maintenance costs, some insurers now use mobile phone Apps as an alternative. In this case, the app will connect directly into your cars ECU (on-board computer system) if it is Bluetooth enabled or via a Bluetooth adapter that is plugged into your car’s OBD-11 port (usually concealed under the dashboard or in the glove box) if it isn’t.

If you allow another person to drive your car, either as a named driver on your Black box insurance policy or under their own insurance, their driving data will be counted as yours under your policy. The Black box doesn’t have a means of separating the data and it’s therefore important to ensure that the driver is fully aware of the box and will drive in a way that isn’t likely to negatively impact the perception of whether you are a ‘good’ driver or a ‘bad’ driver.

  • Your policy may be cancelled – In scenarios where you have consistently proven to be a ‘bad’ driver and the risk that you pose to your insurer has significantly increased, they may issue you with a notice of cancellation.
  • You may be handed a curfew – Although not as common as it once was, some insurers impose an early morning and late evening curfew on young drivers and subsequently enforce it with the data they collect via a Black box. If a curfew does apply, you will be made aware of it, and any specific terms, when you purchase the Black box car insurance policy.
  • Data may be shared with the Police – Although not done as standard, if the Police provide a legitimate reason for the disclosure of Black box data, it may be disclosed to them. This could be in relation to a pending criminal investigation, for example.
  • Mid-term and renewal discounts aren’t guaranteed – Although Black box insurance has the potential to save you heaps of money, any mid-term or renewal discounts that might be up for grabs aren’t guaranteed.

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