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Getting your Car Ready for the Winter Months - how to de-ice your car

Getting your Car Ready for the Winter Months - how to de-ice your car

October can only mean one thing the cold and wet weather is on its way and with the way the weather has been it safe to say that it’s here. So, this is the perfect time to know how to de-ice your vehicle quickly.

Stopping frost in the first place is the best solution when dealing with frost on your vehicle, and no I don’t mean by moving somewhere warm although not a bad idea. You can stop your windscreen freezing by:

• Storing it in a garage in the winter months.
•  Park on a driveway, and try to park as close as possible to your home as the heat from your home will help stop ice forming on your car.
• Put a shield across your windscreen.

If none of these are options here are the simple steps required to de-ice your car quickly.

4 Steps to De-ice your Car

1. Check your wipers – you don’t want your wipers on when you turn on the car as they could be frozen to the glass, and this can cause damage.
2. Start the engine – turn on the warm air blower, switch on heated windows and turn on the air con. A mix of hot and cold air is the best way to defog your windows.
3. Clear all the snow off the car.
4. Use a scraper and de-icer on the outside of the car while waiting for the car to warm up.

Once it is all clear, you are safe to drive.

Don’t fall for the hacks!

We’ve all seen them on the internet from hot water in a sandwich bag to half a potato on your windows, these hacks could cause more trouble with visibility then help. Keep to the steps above.

When it comes to defrosting The Highway Code has Rule 229, you must abide by. The rules stated on the Driving test success website are:

‘• Do NOT use hot water to defrost your car windscreen – the contrast of cold and hot could smash your window!
• Do NOT attempt to de-ice side windows by opening them, as it can damage the electrics.
• Do NOT drive unless all your windows and mirrors are clear.
• Do NOT drive with snow still on the roof of the car.
• NEVER leave the keys in the ignition if your car is unattended.
• NEVER try to force frozen wipers off the glass.
• DO NOT use your hands to wipe your windows as you’ll leave greasy marks. Always make sure you use a lint-free absorbent cloth.’

Keep safe on the roads and remember to properly clear your windscreen before driving.

Written by: Amy Johnson

*Please note that the above information has been gathered through secondary research. The information provided is not based on our opinion. You should seek further guidance and information before making an informed decision.


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