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Christmas car decorations can lead to not-so-festive fines

Christmas car decorations can lead to not-so-festive fines

16th December, 2021

Drivers who decorate their cars for Christmas could be landed with hefty fines, points on their licence, and invalidated insurance.

Growing social media trends on platforms like Instagram and TikTok have seen drivers hanging Christmas wreaths on their cars, stacking wrapped gift boxes on their roof racks, and garlanding their vehicles with festive lights.

But Research from Zero Deposit Car Leasing is warning drivers their innocent festive fun could have unpleasant consequences.

According to the Highway Code and the Road Traffic Act, “windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision.”

Any decorations that partially obscure a driver’s view are unsafe if they prevent them from noticing another vehicle, pedestrian, sign or road hazard as a result.

You may also be pulled over if you are causing a distraction on the road, and driving with a roof rack bearing gift-wrapped boxes could present a danger to other road users.

Furthermore, if your festive decorations were to fall from your car and cause an accident – then you could be facing a charge of driving without reasonable consideration for other road users or careless driving. 

Here at One Call Insurance, we’d urge our customers not to get involved in this trend.  Not because we’re bar humbugs - but because of the risk involved, the potential impact on your insurance cover, the impact of an accident or claim on your premium and the resulting impact on your fuel economy.

A study by General Motors claimed that cars with festive accessories had an increase of three per cent in their vehicle’s drag coefficient – meaning an increase in the cost per mile and more visits to the petrol pump. 

If you are a One Call Insurance customer and if you do decide to pimp up your car for Christmas, then please let us know – as this would be classed as a modification and something we’d need to be made aware of.*

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** Please note that the above information has been gathered through secondary research. The information provided is not based on our opinion. You should seek further guidance and information before making an informed decision.

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