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Check your insurance at Christmas in case of theft and fire

Check your insurance at Christmas in case of theft and fire

16th December, 2021

If you’re planning to put presents under the Christmas tree this year, making sure they’re covered by the right insurance policy could ensure you aren’t out of pocket in the event of a break-in or a fire.

Burglaries traditionally rise in the run-up to Christmas and with shoppers expected to spend in excess of £15.7 billion on presents this year, thieves are presented with lots of opportunities to steal.

According to the latest Burglary Barometer from Churchill Home Insurance, an estimated 65,000 burglaries were recorded between July and September this year, and now the clocks have gone back, those numbers are set to rise.

Here at One Call Insurance we completely agree with the research from Churchill.  We would advise anyone who feels that their home is at risk to take action ahead of the festive period.  Check out our blog on tips to beat the burglars.

Unsafe Christmas tree lights, unattended candles, overloaded plugs and overheating decorations all create extra risks at Yuletide.

Fires can also start in the kitchen and the risk is much greater when alcohol is in the mix.

The government has prepared a handy list of advice *to help you have a safe celebration. 

For anyone concerned about theft or fire over the festive period - then you’ll be pleased to know that most home insurance providers increase their home insurance contents limits - free of charge - to provide additional cover for gifts. 

But it’s always worth checking the contents section of your policy to find out if you benefit from the “festive” or “seasonal” uplift.  If you are a One Call home insurance customer, then you can do this in your account on our customer portal.

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** Please note that the above information has been gathered through secondary research. The information provided is not based on our opinion. You should seek further guidance and information before making an informed decision.

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