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Total loss top up insurance

Topping up what your insurer pays out in event of a total loss

When a vehicle is written off, it is declared a total loss meaning its lost value, repair cost or salvage cost exceeds the value at which it was insured – essentially meaning it’s not worth fixing or recovering. In a non-fault claim, the insurer will issue a pay out to recuperate the insured value of the vehicle. However, this pay out can often be less than what many owners need especially compared to what they originally paid for the vehicle, or currently pay in finance.

Our total loss top up policy works to ‘top up’ this pay out, providing you with that bit extra. If your car or van is stolen or written off our total loss top up product will pay you an additional 25% on top of your insurer’s pay out as a lump sum - for as little as £38 a year. This is particularly beneficial if you think your vehicle will depreciate in value, it has depreciated in value or your loan exceeds the vehicle’s current value.

Interested in total loss top up insurance? As an existing customer, you can add this to your policy by contacting us on live chat.

If you don’t currently have a policy with us, then unfortunately total loss top up isn’t available to you just yet. However, you can get a quote for car or van insurance and choose to add on total loss top up if this is something you’re interested in.

Our total loss top up insurance is worth considering if:
  • You borrowed money to purchase your car or van.
  • You're worried about how much your vehicle has or will depreciate in value.
  • Your vehicle is on a long-term finance agreement.
We can't predict if you'll be involved in a road traffic accident or if your vehicle is likely to be stolen, however we can help by providing an additional boost to your pay out. This can be particularly beneficial if your insurance payout doesn't cover what you paid or owe on your vehicle.

Our total loss top up insurance gives you an additional 25% on top of the insurer's settlement - up to £10,000. On top of that, if your vehicle is written off or stolen and not found, we will also pay up to £250 towards your insurance excess.
Total loss top up is only available for vehicle's under 10 years old and valued at less than £40,000 and those weighing less than 3.5 tonnes. You must be the owner or registered keeper of the vehicle and be a permanent resident in the UK. Please also be aware of the below:
  • When purchasing total loss top up, please take reasonable care in providing accurate and complete answers to all questions so you can be confident you're covered.
  • If there are any changes which may affect your cover (e.g. you change your vehicle), please notify us immediately. If you fail to do so, your policy may not be valid and a claim may not be paid.
  • If your vehicle is written off, you must notify our claims team before you accept any offer or valuation from a third party's insurer.
  • If your insurance provider values your vehicle above the figure provided by Glass's Guide, the insurer reserves the right to use the figure shown in Glass's Guide.
  • Your motor insurance excess will not be covered if it can be recovered from a third party or another insurance policy you have.
  • If you have a GAP policy in place for your vehicle, we will only pay for our share of the claim.
Want to buy total loss top up insurance or just want to find out a little more about how exactly the total loss top up will work for you and your vehicle? Contact a member of our team today via Live Chat .