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What is GAP insurance for PCP cars?

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If you received the car you drive through a PCP deal, then you might want to consider GAP insurance. This type of insurance could help you pay back the money you owe as part of your PCP deal if your car is stolen or written off. In this guide, you can read about the advantages of GAP insurance for PCP cars, as well as how it works with your contract and what types of GAP insurance you could consider.

Do I need GAP insurance for PCP cars?

To ensure you are protected in case your car is stolen or written off, it could be beneficial to have GAP insurance on your PCP car.

If your PCP car is stolen or written off during your contract, you will still have to cover each of your remaining instalments, any interest that has accrued, and the balloon payment that’s due at the end. Therefore, you will have to pay off a car that you will no longer be able to drive.

Your car insurance will typically cover the vehicle up to the amount that it was worth when you made the claim. However, it is highly likely that the total cost of your remaining PCP payments will be more expensive than what your car insurer will pay out. This could leave you with a bill worth thousands of pounds.

GAP insurance for PCP cars could cover the rest of your settlement on your contract. This can help to ease the financial pressure as, without a huge bill to pick up, you might be in a better position to arrange a new contract. If you want more information to work out if you need GAP insurance, read our guide.

How does PCP GAP insurance work?

GAP insurance for PCP cars works similarly to how it does for most vehicle ownership types. For a detailed explanation, check our guide on What GAP Insurance Is. Below is a rundown of how GAP insurance for PCP cars works:

  • If you need to make a claim, call your car insurance company to see what your settlement would be.
  • With this information, you can contact your GAP Insurance provider and work out how much your claim would be.
  • Your GAP insurance is intended to clear the outstanding amount on your PCP agreement, including the monthly payments you still have to make and the balloon payment that is due at the end of your contract. The providers of your PCP agreement and your GAP insurance will work out what this figure is.
  • Depending on the type of policy, your GAP insurance could cover you up to the outstanding amount, or it could include the original price you paid for the vehicle, and even potentially the cost to replace the vehicle.
  • Be aware that a claim limit on your GAP insurance may apply. This will be detailed in the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • It might also be worth considering a GAP insurance policy that extends beyond the length of time you have your PCP vehicle, which could be transferred onto your next car.

Types of GAP insurance cover for PCP vehicles

There are a variety of GAP insurance options to suit different drivers. Read our guide to the types of GAP insurance available, or follow this link to find the types of GAP insurance that are best for PCP cars.

How to claim on your PCP GAP insurance with One Call

Making a claim is easy if you have GAP insurance with One Call. Once you have found out what settlement your car insurance could offer you, call us on 0333 043 1328 quoting "Combined GAP Insurance" to make your claim or alternatively you can email

We'll be able to explain how payments for your PCP vehicle will be settled and whether they will be paid automatically or as part of your insurance.

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