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How to prepare your vehicle for winter - driving safety checks

4th November, 2021 Rain and surface water, snow and ice – each of these hazardous weathers present a real challenge to motorists, making it crucial to prepare yourself before embarking on a journey. Breakdown...

Protect your vehicle against catalytic converter thieves

28th October, 2021 Drivers are being encouraged to protect their vehicles from catalytic converter thefts as police work to tackle an all-too-common problem. Catalytic converters (otherwise known as CATs), are fit...

Beat the burglars when the clocks go back

14th October, 2021 The clocks always go back on the final Sunday of October as British Summer Time comes to an end at 2am. Although it happens every year, some people are still caught unawares by the change, and, a...

How new speed limiters could impact your car insurance

7th October, 2021 New speed limiting software called the Intelligent Speed Assistance system (ISA), will be mandatory for all new cars from next year, despite the UK leaving the EU. The ISA uses either a video or a...

Is your vehicle compatible with E10 petrol?

Here's everything you need to know about the new petrol type "E10" and how to check if your vehicle is compatible 27th September, 2021 As of 1st September, unleaded petrol has changed. What was once known to be E5...

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