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How new speed limiters could impact your car insurance

How new speed limiters could impact your car insurance

7th October, 2021

New speed limiting software called the Intelligent Speed Assistance system (ISA), will be mandatory for all new cars from next year, despite the UK leaving the EU.

The ISA uses either a video or a GPS-linked system to detect speed signs, and, after a series of alerts, if the driver doesn’t apply the brakes, the vehicle reduces power to the engine.

However, while the *European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) says the technology has a high level of accuracy, ultimately, the car’s speed is the driver’s responsibility.

Driving assistance tools like ISAs are there to ‘assist’ drivers, not take full control of the vehicle, so motorists aren’t guaranteed to escape speeding penalties.

The ETSC believes that the technology could reduce road collisions by 30 per cent and deaths by 20 per cent.

If those estimates prove accurate, then as well as making the roads safer there should be fewer car insurance claims – but this depends on whether the driver responds to the ISA alerts.

The ETSC says these systems don’t need to be retrofitted, so you won’t need to pay out to get one installed at the moment.

Many Ford models already use the ISA system, as do Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot/Citroen and Renault cars.

Volvo was the first manufacturer to roll out the system across all its models and plans to cap the speed of all new cars at 112 mph.

The default setting for the system is on, but the speed limiter can be switched off and there are some circumstances – such as overtaking - when you can override it, by pressing down hard on the accelerator.

Besides the life-saving potential of the technology, it’s thought that fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions might also improve as a result.

Here at One Call we hope to see premiums fall as a result of fewer claims being made.

Rest assured we will be keeping an eye on these developments, as we have no doubt that the introduction of new speed limiters will have a profound impact on the industry.

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